The Hot Air Balloon Company for Nashville, Franklin, & Middle Tennessee

Aerostation Limited Hot Air Balloon Rides


Private Charter Flights, and Gift Certificates, for two persons:   $550.

A third person in the chartering group is $125, for a total of:      $675.

What (you will get): Our Balloon Rides are personalized in that passengers are limited to the scheduling group. This is normally two persons unless other arrangements are made when the flight is scheduled. More than one balloon can be scheduled to accommodate larger groups.

When (are the Flights): A Balloon Flight can be scheduled for any morning or evening, year-round, and we can fly daily, weather permitting. Balloons fly early in the morning and late in the evenings in order to take advantage of the most favorable wind and weather conditions. Morning flights begin just after sunrise, and evening flights begin approximately an hour and a half before sunset.

What Else (is included): The traditional champagne toast (or a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice) after the flight.

How Long (are the Flights): Flights are in the range of an hour, and the entire ballooning experience; from meeting (about a hour before the flight), the flight, thru return to your vehicle, is approximately 3 hours.

Where (will we go): We fly primarily in the Nashville, Franklin, Middle Tennessee areas. Balloons travel with the winds, and we select a starting point/launch site, just prior to flight time based on current and forecasted winds, in order to provide a favorable flight path and landing area.

How (can I arrange for a Flight): Contact Aerostation Ltd. for date availability and reservation arrangements. Reservations are required and should be made no later than a week to 10 days prior to the flight; the sooner the better during good flying weather season (May thru November). Together we will set the date and time for the flight, and establish contact arrangements relevant to the scheduled (morning or evening) flight time.

What (about the weather): To ensure the safest and most ideal conditions for your flight; we fly in pleasant weather and when the winds are less than 10 miles an hour. If current or forecasted weather conditions prohibit a scheduled flight, we will reschedule the flight for a mutually agreeable date and time. If a Gift Certificate flight requires rescheduling due to weather, the certificate expiration date will be adjusted.

The Coordination Details: For morning flights, we contact the passengers the evening before the flight; and for evening flights several hours prior to the flight. At that time we confirm that weather will or will not be an issue, and set a meeting time and place. We meet our passengers just before sunrise for morning flights, and three hours before sunset for evening flights.

GIFT FLIGHT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE: We will prepare a Gift Certificate, made out to the recipient, and have it delivered (USPS). Gift Certificates become valid upon receipt of payment, and are valid for a year from date of purchase.

Cost (how much and how it is payable): Aerostation Ltd. accepts checks, cash, and major credit cards thru our PayPal account. Charter Flights, and Gift Certificates, for two persons, are $550 - Total Cost.

Payment Options: To schedule and reserve a flight, or purchase a Gift Certificate:

By Cash or Check: A $275 deposit is required to schedule and reserve a flight date, and the balance is payable prior to the flight. Gift Certificates are payable in full when ordered.

By Credit Card: Full payment is required to schedule and reserve a flight date. Given your Email address, we will send you an Invoice VIA PayPal, or you can use the PayPal Option Button (below). You do not have to have your own PayPal Account.

Contact Information:

    Aerostation Limited Inc.,
    5160 Inman Branch Rd.,  
    Franklin, TN 37064-9266
    Phone:  615 799-2323

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