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Ballooning Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a feeling of motion during the flight?
No; there is nothing that makes the carriage sway in flight. It hangs motionless in the air mass that carries the balloon along.

Can you steer a balloon?
There is no steering mechanism. However, the differences in wind direction and velocity at various altitudes usually allows some steering by changing altitude.

How fast do balloons fly?
The speed of the balloon is the same as the speed of the wind carrying it along. We do not conduct passenger flights if it appears the wind will exceed 10 mph. at landing.

How far will we travel?
Since we do not conduct flights when the winds are more than 10 mph, an average flight is 5 to 10 miles.

What will the temperature be like?
At the altitudes we fly, there's not a noticeable difference between the ambient "in flight" temperature and the temperature on the ground.

What should I wear?
Generally, dress for being outdoors in the prevailing weather for a couple of hours. Proper clothing, especially footwear, is important to reduce the opportunity for injury while ballooning. Hiking boots or some other type athletic footwear should be worn, and long pants are recommended.

How high will we fly?
Most flights will range from a few hundred feet above ground, up to a few thousand feet.

A Few Rules, Requiremeents, and Limitations:

Safey: Safety is our highest priority. Our Balloons and Pilots are certified by the FAA, and we only conduct flights in fair weather. Even so, Ballooning is a sporting adventure, and as such carries an acceptable degree of risk of bodily injury. Like most adventure activities, we require a signed Release of Liabililty from all passengers, and passengers under the age of 18 must have the Release of Liability signed by both of their parents, or legal guardians.

Passenger Weight: The maximum combined allowable weight of the passengers varies with the outside (ambient) temperature, which affects the lifting capability of the balloon. In the summer (>70° f.) the maximum total passengers dressed weight, is 400 lb.; and in the fall or winter (<70° f.) the maximum total passengers dressed weight is 450 lb.

Allowable Age and Physical Condition: Passengers must be able to stand the entire flight, and must be able to reasonably fend for themselves. Other considerations include: pregnant women, recent surgery, and persons with serious mobility problems. Some exceptions can be made with a written note from the passenger's physician. Children under 7 years of age are not eligible as passengers.

Carry on Items: Cameras and binoculars are welcome. However due to the limited space on board, we recommend purses, camera bags, etc., be stored with the chase vehicle during the flight.

Smoking:; is not allowed in the Balloon Chase Vehicle, at the launch or landing sites, or during the flight.

Cancellations and Re-schedules: are a costly process, and require a minimum of five days notice to cancel a scheduled flight, and reschedule it, without loss of deposit.

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